Virtual-Life is the future;
Roomancer-3D is already there!


> Roomancer-3D Interface DEMO <

The software (Roomancer) is freely available to anyone.

Translations are making it globally accessible.

External resources are freely available in 3D Boutiques.

The entire system is Simple, Compliant, Flexible, Reliable,
User friendly, Safe and Secure to use (minimum age: 14 years old).

Roomancer does not require any upgrades,
besides the external resources particular Users
can decide to incorporate as complements.
In that case, those are inherently shared.

Roomancer can be utilized in total privacy,
as a simple family home 3D computer program.
> Description <

Uppon fireing up,
provided an internet connection is alive,
Roomancer will login into its dedicated server (moove.com),
with the User registered Nickname (free).

And then, Roomancer User-Interface can be redirected
to the OneColony dedicated Hub:
> One-Hub < (independent community)

This is how and where Roomancer 3D comes alive!


The built-in Peer-to-Peer system allows conection with other Users,
and thus allows visiting and hosting in 3D Environment
(Users 3D House, Clubs, and Places).

The system is fully sand-boxed,
it never accesses anything else in the user computer.

There is no risk at all!
Unless a user does accept files from a clandestine user.
In the context of worldwide internet,
usual basic common precautions are mandatory.

The OneColony website provides all resources and operations!
(Roomancer dedicated Hub):
> Visit The HUB <


For registering a Nickname:
> Help & Info <